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About 2023-2024 Academic Year Summer School

Dear Students

In the 2023-2024 Academic Year, no summer school course will be offered in the Department of Industrial Engineering.

Students of our department who will take courses from different higher education institutions and different departments of our university in the 2023-2024 Academic Year must fill out the "Summer School Course Taking Petition" completely and upload it to the Google form below.

Application Deadline: 01 July 2024 until 09:00 on Monday

Summer School Course Petition: summer-schoolundan-ders-alma-dilekce-ornegi.doc 

Google Form Link to Upload the Form: 


Students of our department can take courses in different departments of our University and different Higher Education Institutions within the scope of summer school if they meet the course equivalence requirement of our department courses, Service Courses (MAT, PHYS MDB Coded Courses) and Social Elective Group courses. 
The final list of students taking courses from other universities will be published after the decision of the Faculty Administrative Board.
Nine credits can be taken in summer school.

Students who will take courses from other universities or other departments must obtain the approval of the course content of the relevant course from the relevant instructor. 
The grades of students who take courses from other universities without submitting a summer school petition to our department will be invalid.
Course content approval will not be sought for service courses. 
If the service courses are opened by the relevant departments within YTÜ in the summer school, our students who want to take these courses can choose them in the automation system. There is no need to submit a petition for these courses. 
In order to take courses with prerequisites, it is necessary to fulfil the prerequisite requirement. Courses that are prerequisites for each other cannot be taken in the same semester.

University Lists where our department students can take courses in Summer School: 

2023 - 2024 Academic Year Summer School Tuition Fees, Fee Payment Dates and Refunds     

We wish you success.

Department of Industrial Engineering